Our services

Serenescapes Landscape Designs offers a comprehensive landscape and garden design solution that can be tailored to your requirements and can include the following services:

•  Landscape plans
•  Swimming pool design
•  Development application (Local Council)
•  Complying development certificate (State Legislation)
•  Project management
•  Design development drawings
•  Garden lighting plans
•  On-site landscape consultation
•  Materials and finishes selection
•  Plant supply
•  3D Service

Contact us now to discuss these services in greater detail and how we can tailor them to your project needs.

Landscape plans

Whether it is to rejuvenate an existing area or design the space around your brand new home the landscape plan is the documentation that will convey your aspirations to a contractor. The landscape plan shows the extent and location of all proposed structures such as outdoor entertaining & kitchen areas, paving, retaining walls and stairs. It also shows the proposed planting layout for the trees, shrubs, ground covers and turf. A plant schedule is included listing the botanical name, common name, quantity required, container size and height at maturity of the plant material selected.

Swimming pool design

The swimming pool design service will arm you with a resolved layout that will ensure an ‘apples for apples’ price comparison between selected swimming pool construction companies. Included in the swimming pool design service is the swimming pool layout and its surrounds (such as paving or decking), the swimming pool enclosure designed in accordance with Australian Standards, the location of internal steps, the position of swimming pool equipment and all relative levels. It may also include elements such as an up-turn wall with water feature, seating ledge, infinity wet edge, glass blade or window.

Development approval

Many landscape structures require some form of approval prior to their construction. There are two methods of approval available. The method we undertake is determined by numerous factors including the type of development we are seeking to have approved, your site and your timeframe for implementation of the works.

1. Development Application

Development Application is the process of seeking approval from Local Council whilst adhering to Local Council policies and controls. Once the approval has been gained further steps are required prior to construction commencing. The main step is the issuing of a Construction Certificate. The Construction Certificate is issued by a Principal Certifying Authority who are responsible for ensuring the project is constructed as per the design that the Local Council has approved.

2. Complying Development

Complying Development is the process of seeking approval from a Principal Certifying Authority whilst adhering to State Government policies and controls. Once the approval has been gained construction can begin.

Project management

Project management is a service that can be provided in one of two ways.

Firstly, undertaking limited tasks as required such as the tendering process and periodic site inspections.

Secondly, overseeing the day to day running of the construction of your design from the tender process all the way through to the completion of the works.

Design development drawings

This service may be critical to convey the finer details and design intent of certain elements within the landscape to a contractor to aid in the construction process. These elements may include water features, privacy screens, pergolas, cabanas or outdoor kitchens.

Garden lighting plan

To maximise the enjoyment of your property a garden lighting plan can be developed. This plan will outline the model of fittings and their supplier, the position we recommend they be installed and indicative switching.

On-site consultation

Are you looking to purchase a house and are not sure if you will be able to fit the pool you want on the block? Do you have a firm idea as to where your landscaping is headed and want some reassurance or do you just need a few ideas and don’t want to invest in a formal landscape design? The on-site consultation could be for you. We can discuss a range of ideas on site from the best position for the swimming pool to the right plant choice for that difficult spot. The visit will be followed up by written documentation outlining the key elements discussed.

Materials and finishes selection

With the endless choice available we can present you with a concise palette of materials and finishes that we believe will enhance your new development. These materials and finishes may include pavers and tiles, pool interiors, timber, furniture, pots, pebbles and feature elements such as sculptures or art screens. A very competitive price can also be provided for the supply of these materials and finishes.

Plant Supply

Once the plant material has been selected for your design we can supply premium quality plants at a very competitive price.

3D Service

With the option to ‘fly through’ your new landscape before work even commences, a 3D computer generated model is the ultimate tool to better understand your design.